Procedure and Conditions of Warranty

If you have a problem with the COMPUTHERM product purchased from us or from one of our reseller partners, you have the right to request a warranty inspection, repair or replacement from the manufacturer (Quantrax Ltd.).

There are two ways to do this. Take the purchased device back to the store where you bought it, or send it directly back to our office in Szeged at your own cost:

Company name: Quantrax Ltd.
Address: 34 Fülemüle u,, Szeged H-6726
Phone number: +36 62 424 133
E-mail address:

Warranty inspections may only be carried out at the manufacturer's premises by its staff.

IMPORTANT! The most important conditions of the warranty procedure:

  • The warranty is only valid if the followings are provided together with the product:
    • the warranty card for the product, which was duly completed when the product was purchased
    • the bill proving the date of purchase or commissioning of the product, or a copy thereof
  • In addition to the above, for simpler and faster administration, please:
    • send a short description of the detected error / problem
    • provide the consumer's telephone number so that we can request further information about the possible error / problem, and after the inspection we can inform the consumer about the result of the inspection and the return process

Warranty period for the different COMPUTHERM products:

COMPUTHERM T series room thermostats

5 years

COMPUTHERM Q series room thermostats

2 years

COMPUTHERM B series Wi-Fi thermostats

2 years

COMPUTHERM E series Wi-Fi thermostats

2 years

COMPUTHERM WPR-100 series pump controllers

2 years

Other COMPUTHERM products

1 year