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Using a COMPUTHERM gas convector controller, an automated, programmed heating system can be easily established in a room heated by gas convectors. Using a Wi-Fi thermostat, this product also enables you to remotely control your gas convector heaters.

The COMPUTHERM MP400 and MP420 drain lifts are designed for indoor drainage where the wastewater is generated far from and / or deeper than the main sewage tube and therefore cannot be drained into the sewage system by gravity.


Electric floor heating systems



Computherm - Gázkonvektor vezérlők - Quantrax Kft.HC20 electric heating cable:
The COMPUTHERM HC20 electric heating cable is suitable for both main and additional heating. In the case of direct heating, the product can be installed in the tile adhesive or screed layer, but it can also be installed in a concrete layer, which can be used to heat storage heatings. It can be installed both when renovating old covering and laying new covering. The heating cables are made in different sizes: 10 m, 20 m, and 50 m.

HM150 electric heating mat:
The COMPUTHERM HM150 type electric heating mat is suitable for both main and supplementary heating. With its help, you can cost-effectively and quickly install an electric floor heating system in the room you want to heat.

HF140 elektromos heating film:
A COMPUTHERM HF140 is a heating device that is particularly suitable for heating warm floor coverings due to its thin design and uniform heat output. You can cost-effectively and quickly install an electric underfloor heating system in the room you want to heat, with which you can increase your comfort and keep an even temperature. It is the perfect choice for renovating an old heating system or building a new one. It can be cut every 12.5 centimetres, so it easily fits into any room design. The width of the product is 50 cm.