Electric heating film

COMPUTHERM HF140 is a heating device that is particularly suitable for heating warm floor coverings due to its thin design and uniform heat output. You can cost-effectively and quickly install an electric underfloor heating system in the room you want to heat, with which you can increase your comfort and keep an even temperature. It is the perfect choice for renovating an old heating system or building a new one. It can be cut every 12.5 centimetres, so it easily fits into any room design. The width of the product is 50 cm. You can control it with a thermostat suitable for controlling electric heating films. The heating film strips can be connected in parallel if required.

Technical data:

  • Supply voltage: 230 V AC
  • Power consumption: 140 W/m2
  • Length: 50 m
  • Width: 0.5 m
  • Maximum heating temperature*: approx. 45 °C
  • Protection against environmental impacts**: IP67

*The maximum heating temperature is the surface temperature of the product under normal conditions and constantly turned on status.
**The value refers to a part of the product where it is not cut

The following accessories are recommended for the COMPUTHERM HF140 heating film:

  • Insulating patch: You can cover the connections, clips and connected cables to the heating film with the bitumen insulating patch suitable for this purpose. It is important that both the lower and upper sides of the connector are insulated with the insulating patch when insulating. It is also recommended to tape all visible wires with protective insulation. (coffee brown product in the pictures)

  • Clip: You can professionally attach the wires to the heating film with silver-coated clips suitable for this purpose. (silver-colored spiky accessory between the pictures)

Computherm - Electric heating film- COMPUTHERM HF140 - Quantrax Kft.
Computherm - Electric heating film - COMPUTHERM HF140 - Quantrax Kft.
Computherm - Electric heating film additional insulating patch - COMPUTHERM HF140 - Quantrax Kft.
Computherm -  Electric heating film accessory clip - COMPUTHERM HF140 - Quantrax Kft.

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