Programable, digital Wi-Fi fan-coil thermostat for 2- and 4-pipe systems

With the COMPUTHERM E280FC and COMPUTHERM E300FC Wi-Fi fan-coil thermostats, you can control the device connected to the thermostats (e.g. fan-coil heating/cooling/ventilating device) via the Internet and check its operation using your mobile phone or tablet. By using the products, the heating of your apartment, house or resort can be controlled anytime and from anywhere. They can be used for both 2-pipe and 4-pipe heating/cooling systems. The thermostats also offer the possibility of automatic controlling based on temperature and time. The thermostats have three outputs for fan control and two outputs for valve control. When switched on, the mains phase appears on one of the fan outputs and 230 V appears on the valve outputs.

With the help of this product you will be able to control the heating of your flat, house or holiday home anytime, from anywhere.
It is especially useful if:

  • you are not using your flat or house based on a regular schedule,
  • you are travelling away from you home for an indefinite time during the heating season  
  • you would like to use you holiday home during the heating season.

The COMPUTHERM E300FC Wi-Fi fan-coil thermostat is a more advanced version of the COMPUTHERM E280FC model, with black instead of white colour, glass screen and even more modern display. Recessed installation in the wall and constant power supply is required.

Important functions:

  • Can be controlled remotely
  • Easy connection to a Wi-Fi network
  • Manual and programmed mode
  • Easy switching between cooling, heating, ventilation modes, within software
  • Temperature sensor calibration
  • Multi-user control
  • Defrosting function
  • Keylock function 
  • 2 years warranty

Technical data:

  • User interface: touch buttons, mobile application
  • Temperature measurement accuracy: ±0,5 °C
  • Adjustable temperature range: 5 °C to 99 °C (in 0.5 °C increments)
  • Selectable switching sensitivity: ±0.1 °C to ±1.0 °C (in 0.1 °C increments)
  • Thermometer calibration range: ±3.0 °C (0.1 °C-os increments)
  • Supply voltage of the receiver unit: 230 V AC; 50 Hz
  • Output voltage: 230 V AC
  • Loadability: valve outputs 3(1) A, fan outputs 5(1) A
  • Operating frequency: Wi-Fi (b/g/n) 2,4 GHz
Computherm - Wi-fi termosztátok -  COMPUTHERM E300FC - Quantrax Kft.
Computherm - Wi-fi termosztátok -  COMPUTHERM E300FC - Quantrax Kft.
Computherm - Wi-fi termosztátok -  COMPUTHERM E280 - Quantrax Kft.
Computherm - Wi-fi termosztátok -  COMPUTHERM E280 - Quantrax Kft.

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